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Why Have Your Wedding Filmed?

October 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

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Many couples give wedding videography lack of thought and most book a videographer on a last minute whim. I implore couples to carefully consider having someone film their day, the standard of wedding films today is incredible. Below are some of my thoughts on the subject.


The Magic of Video.

How did I move in my dress? How did I sound saying my vows? What words did I actually say? A video is a lasting memory and although photographs are absolutely essential you can't actually hear the speeches, laughter and emotion that is truly priceless. Couples with young children will be able to relive that moment of their child waddling about down the aisle or seeing the proud expression on a family members face as the bride is given away. Wouldn't you love to relive that special day over and over again, to see yourself in all your glory, moving, speaking and interacting with your guests? Video has a great power to bring people right back to that special time.


Absent Friends and Family.

You will be able to show off your wedding video to anyone who wasn't able to attend the days celebrations.


Video Guestbook.

Some companies will offer a video guestbook in their packages or as an added extra. Wouldn't it be lovely to watch your guests thanking you and congratulating you on your new journey together?


Highlights Montage.

I often get asked "what is a highlights montage?" Well simply put it is a short edited version of your wedding video, full of special highlights from your day, no more than a few minutes long, ready to be shared with anyone you wish. Perfect for sharing your day with others without forcing them to sit through hours of footage of the bride and groom getting ready!


How To Choose A Wedding Videographer?

As with any service being offered always read past client reviews and take a look through previous work that the company has produced. Details to examine are sound quality and video quality. A professional company will offer professional external sound recording options and they will have modern up to date camera equipment. You get what you pay for in the wedding film industry! Further questions to consider are, How many years of professional experience does your videographer have? Where did they learn their skill? I have a degree in Filmmaking obtained from the University of Derby but that doesn't automatically make me a skilled wedding videographer, what I believe is more important is my 5 years experience in wedding environments.



A professional, experienced and artistic wedding film company will charge somewhere in the region of £1,000 to £2,000 depending on what service is being offered and what is included in their packages. Why does it seem so expensive? Hours of footage is recorded which requires hours of editing, the editing process can take weeks and a huge amount of time, effort and skill is invested into this process. A reputable wedding film company will be insured, pay for music licenses and have to buy new equipment and maintain owned equipment, therefore it costs a lot of money for a videographer to run their company.


Is Equipment Important?

Do you prefer handheld footage to tripod still footage? Everyone has their preferences, there is no harm in asking a company what equipment they use. Equipment will be a decider on sound quality and video image. Do the company use modern HD cameras? I use what is called a DSLR camera, most wedding film companies these days do also. These cameras are small, non-obtrusive and they allow for creativity. The lenses are inter-changeable and different lenses creates different looks and have separate uses.


Your Choice of Venue.

Sometimes your venue won't allow the recording of a ceremony and it is always important to enquire about filming before booking a videographer. Ask about any limitations and be sure you discuss these with the company before you choose to book.


Why I Love Being a Wedding Videographer.

The wedding industry is a fantastic area to be involved in. Happy people, love, smiles and tear jerking moments often with a bit of comedy thrown into the mix. I love getting to meet new people and being part of one of the most important days in a couple's lives, creating memories that will last forever. 


Comments and Questions.

Do you have a question you would like to ask, or maybe you would like to leave a general comment? Please feel free to do so by clicking + Add Comment below!


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